George Neal
President and Mad Scientist
LSR was established in 2006 by George Neal. Seeing that the Inline Speed Skating Market needed a higher quality and more durable inline racing frame, The Avenger was created. Being a speed skater as well, George was able to draw from his 22yrs experience in the aerospace and medical machining backround to refine geometries and integrate the use of superior alloys to develop a superior product made in the USA. The introduction of the Avenger quickly became a new benchmark for standard and quality in the industry and in 2008 the Vanquish was created. Adding more strength and lighter weight, the Vanquish was designed for the above average to pro racer in mind and has become the best strength to weight ratio frame on the market today. In 2010, again with vision and tenacity LSR has unleashed the Predator, it's advanced extrusions and machining techniques, the Predator will prove to be one of if not the best mid-range frames on the market with a price point of $250 while still being hand made in the USA. Coming in the Fall of 2011, "The Reaper "will soon be unleashed. This frame will expand the ideas of design machining and power transfer in the inline speed skating market. Watch for it soon and no need to fear the reaper but embrace it. On the behalf of LSR, Thank You for visiting the website and please feel free to click on Contact and let me know if you have any questions.